Concierge doctors — the future of primary care?

In Denver Times and The Vail Daily, 4/11/09

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsErik, 39, an Erie database administrator who did not want his last name used, said he was more than willing to pay for easy and direct access to his Louisville doctor, Erik Mondrow.

‘I’m not a millionaire,’ he said. ‘I’m of the mindset that time is money. That’s the benefit for me — he’s only a phone call away. Making an appointment, getting yourself there, waiting there, seeing the doctor and going home takes hours. When you calculate that, I’m losing money.’

While Erik readily admits that concierge care is not for everyone, he said he considers it an investment in his health.

‘Why would I not spend whatever for a year — if I have to drop HBO — to keep my doctor?’ he said. ‘I know that it’s not something that you have to have, but my health is very important to me. I can adjust my lifestyle to address the need.’